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Common Sense Newsletter

The Foundation publishes an award-winning quarterly newsletter featuring budgeting tips for clients of affiliated credit counseling agencies. You can also view these helpful publications online to enhance your money management skills.

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Try our simple-to-use online budget calculator to simplify your budgeting process.

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The Foundation Bank

A free, national community service resource designed to provide consumers the information they need to sharpen their money, credit and debt management skills.

The Consumer Information Bank is an online financial literacy and community education project of The Foundation for Credit Education, an award-winning nonprofit operating foundation established in 1993.

The Foundation's mission is to improve the financial well-being of consumers through education and counseling in basic money management, including the wise use of credit and household budgeting. In 2004, the Foundation's multi-faceted financial literacy campaign was nationally recognized with a Crystal Award of Excellence from the Communicator Awards competition. Most of the elements of that campaign have been incorporated into this Web site and updated, expanded and enhanced to reach an even broader audience.

The Foundation for Credit Education Consumer Information Bank features a wide variety of helpful budgeting articles; credit education and money management guidelines; interactive calculators for determining family income, expenses and debt; printable worksheets and brochures on money management basics and understanding credit; and an assortment of money-management and money-saving tips. The Web site also offers a PDF version of the foundation's quarterly budgeting newsletter, Common Sense.

The Foundation for Credit Education welcomes your comments and suggestions on the Consumer Information Bank and how it can be of service to you and your family, your community and your business or organization. We're also interested in hearing about how you've used the information on the site. Thank you for visiting.